C.A.P. High Temp Shutdown & On-Delay HLC-3E *DISCONTINUED*

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Hydrofarm has picked up the C.A.P. Brand and will be continuing some products. HydroFarm has let us know that new stock will be available the end of January, beginning of February (as of 12/30/2013) . As a result this product may or may not be immediately available when you are reading this. Please call us for availabilty. Or as an alternative option, we recommend a comparable replacement controller such as the Titan Controls Hades 1. C.A.P. HLC-3e High Temperature Shutdown & 15 Minute On Delay Grow Room Controller The HLC-3e by Custom Automated Products protects your garden from overheating and your light from Hot Starts". The HLC-3e constantly monitors your garden temperature. If the garden exceeds the temperature that you have set, the HLC-3e turns off your lights so that crop damage will not occur. It then turns on the "Temp Exceeded" light to let you know that an overheating situration occured. When the temperature returns to normal, it will turn your lights back on. The HLC-3e also constantly monitors the power going to your light. In the event of a power failure, it will not allow the light to restart until 15 minutes after the power is restored. This prevents your light from attempting to "Hot Start" your bulb, preventing bulb damage and increasing bulb life. The HLC-3e comes with a 15' remote temperature sensor. The HLC-3e is rated at 15 amps @ 120 volts. 5 year warranty. C.A.P Controller, 15 Minute "Hot-Start" & High-Temp Protection Instructions PDF

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