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Please note that this product can NOT be shipped internationally and can NOT be shipped overnight. CycleOps presents RealRides Power Indoor Trainer DVD. Ride along with Tour de France commentator and nationally renowned cyclist Robbie Ventura through an 8 week program to build power, endurance, and increase your wattage from base levels to race levels. Utilizing on-board cameras and multiple cameras strategically positioned along the course, this DVD gives you on-bike footage so that you have a realistic experience in the training course. With over 75 minutes of velodrome and on-the-road training footage, RealRides Training system gives you a progressive training regime which allows you to ride against and train with Robbie to become fitter and faster. This DVD contains the following features: A Cycling coach Robbie Ventura, ex-US Postal Service professional, narrates, coaches, and rides with you through this 8 week program A A total of 75 minutes of on-bike footage that includes velodrome and on-the-road intervals A An on-screen dashboard that helps guide you through the workout. The dashboard displays Robbieas power output in watts, heart rate, cadence, speed, intensity level, and ride time to serve as a benchmark. A Customizable training sessions with full control of soundtracks and music

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