Lumatek Air Cooled + Lumii 600w Light Package *DISCONTINUED*

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Pair the Lumatek Air Cooled 1000w Digital Dimmable ballast with a Hortilux Digital Ready 600w HPS bulb (compatible with Lumatek ballast) and Lumii 6" or 8" reflector. This package is great for the new grower, or the expert. Cover up to 5' x 5' with this fully compatible, high-quality grow lighting setup that comes with free ratchet hangers. Components Include Lumii 6" or Lumii 8" Air Cooled Reflector For those that need efficient air-cooling, the Lumii has integrated air-cool fittings for maximum air movement. The internal surface is made from a highly reflective imported aluminum. The socket assembly and 15' lamp cord are built into the reflector. It comes complete with a hinged frame, tempered glass and wire hangers. Highly reflective hammertone aluminum interior Completely sealed - featuring hinged lens frame Efficient integrated flange for 6" or 8" ducting Includes tempered glass lens, aerodynamic built-in socket, and 15' lamp cord Dimensions: 26" x 21" x 10.75" (for both 6" and 8") Lumatek 1000w Air Cooled (AC) Digital Ballast View Growers House exclusive 1000w Digital/Electronic Ballast PAR Footprint Test Review to compare the Lumatek Air Cooled 1000w ballast with other popular ballasts on the market. Move up to the ultimate in grow gear with the new Air Cooled Lumatek 1,000W dual-voltage electronic ballast. This Lumatek 1000w Dimmable Digital AC lightweight ballast is an all-in-one unit capable of running 400W, 600W and 1,000W MH or HPS lamps. Discover the cutting-edge advantage of Staggered Ignition Technology, which ignites lamps, one at a time, preventing breakers from tripping during start-up. The Air Cooled Lumatek 1,000W ballast is backed by a 3-year, no hassle warranty from Lumatek. Remember to always pair a Lumatek lamp with your new Air Cooled Lumatek ballast for superior performance. LUMATEK 1000W AC DIGITAL BALLAST FEATURES: Runs 400W, 600W and 1,000 MH or HPS lamps Fully

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If you dont have money to waste, it is the best choice to buy this one Lumatek Air Cooled + Lumii 600w Light Package *DISCONTINUED*. I recommend to buy two of them for sure.